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Cashmere Care Guide

So you're purchasing a beautiful piece of cashmere and wondering how to ensure your piece stands the test of time? 

We've put together 4 easy rules to follow to help you look after your cashmere.

Beautiful and luxurious cashmere yarn comes from the undercoat of special goats. This fine, soft layer of fleece grows beneath their coarser outer coating of hair. It helps to keep the goats warm through the freezing winters and begins to fall off naturally as it becomes warmer, so you need to treat it extra special. This little bit of TLC will help your cashmere to remain in great condition and give you a lifetime of wears.

1. Handwash 

When needed we advise hand washing to keep cashmere at its best, or dry cleaning. Cashmere gets even softer in time if you wash it correctly. Firstly turn inside out. Prepare a bowl or sink with warm water (not hot), then add delicate shampoo or wool/cashmere-care wash made specifically for hand-washing. Immerse the cashmere. Try not to rub or stretch it and leave it to soak for around 15 mins. Rinse the garment in clean, lukewarm water until it runs clear, showing no signs of detergent. Dry your cashmere by rolling it up in a towel as if you were rolling a sleeping bag. Never wring the garment as it may stretch. Reshape your cashmere and lay it flat on a towel to air dry naturally. Do not hang or place in direct heat.

2. De-pill (But not too regularly)

Pilling is a natural characteristic of the long fibres used to make cashmere. It's 100% normal for this to occur with wear. Use a cashmere comb in one direction to gently brush these away to keep your sweater looking as perfect as it should. They are brilliant. Remember, this sweater was made from the super-soft hair of a goat, and similarily to us, this hair needs to be looked after. 

3. Storing

To store, fold your cashmere, never hang it. If possible, keep it in a garment bag, sealed bag or even a pillow case to protect it. Living in Irish weather however you will probably not have it in storage too long as they are so lightweight and breatheable you can wear them all year around.

4. Avoid wearing too many accessories

Cashmere is a delicate fibre so do try to avoid wearing too much jewellery or harsh bag straps as this can cause additional pilling and damage to your cashmere.

We hope you're happy with your cashmere purchase. They truly are the softest most beautiful pieces and with that little bit of care can last a lifetime.

Size Guide

Brands at Anna have been sourced from all over the world and follow different size guides. Please see the general sizing guide below as well as our specific brand sizing guide.

General sizing;

UK DRESS SIZE: 6 8 10 12 14 16

EUROPEAN: 34 36 38 40 42 44


Our brands sizing;

XS = 8, S = 10, M = 12, L = 14


Part Two: 34/8, 36/10, 38/12, 40/14


DR DENIM: XS/6, S/8,  M/10,  L/12, XL/14   (Our Lexy style fits slightly small)


A POSTCARD FROM BRIGHTON: Size 1 = UK 8/10 Size 2 = UK 12/14 (Very generous fitting)


MOS MOSH jeans/tailored pants: 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 (Equivalent to UK size) 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

MOS MOSH Dress size: XS/8, S/10, M/12, L/14



(Equivalent to UK size) 8 10 12 14 

Known for oversized/relaxed fitting styles so depending on your style you may wish to size down for a slightly more fitted look.



(Equivalent to UK size)  6/8 8/10 12 14


MKT STUDIO: 36/8, 38/10, 40/12, 42/14 


OKY COKY: 36/8, 38/10, 40/12, 42/14 


ILSE JACOBSEN: 34/8, 36/10, 38/12, 40/14, 42/16, 44/18 (However most customers size up as the raincoats fit a little small)


Our charts are our guide to you, however if you are unsure of your size please drop us an email at to help you out.